Bauhaus / Pet Shop Boys

Bauhaus "Sanity Assassin"
Pet Shop Boys "Home & Dry"

Megane "Home & Assassin"
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The Avengers / Peter Bjorn & John

Laurie Johnson "The Avengers Theme"
Peter Bjorn & John "Young Folks"

Megane "The Young Avengers"

あと以前作った PB&J v Bob Sinclar

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Travis / The Beach Boys

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Carbon Silicon / Sheryl Crow

Carbon/Silicon "T.F.Madness"
Sheryl Crow "All I Wanna Do"

Megane "All I Wanna Mad"
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Meganemash 01 (15 songs /79.3MB)

Doobee Diamond (Doobee Brothers _ Benjamin Diamond)
Can't Get Used To Wrong (Andy Williams _ The Pretenders)
Fill Me This Moment (Röyksopp _ Craig David)
Where's Your Da Da Da Robot (Basement Jaxx _ Trio _ Frenzy)
Confiesta (The Pogues _ New Order)
One Egyptian (The Stone Roses _ Bangles)
There's No Candy (Bow Wow Wow _ Blur)
Allola, Summertime (Beyoncé _ Bruno Nicolai)
Beautiful Ojapa Girl (Sean Kingston _ Sobang Cha)
Bitter Sweet Mama (Scissor Sisters _ Herp Alpert & The Tijuana Brass)
Boy Meets Dub (Haircut 100 _ Beats International)
Can't Take My Funky Heroes (Afrika Bambaataa _ Frankie Valli)
Celtic Angel (Pharrell _ Dexys Midnight Runners)
Change Is Chemical (The Byrds _ The Chemical Brothers)
Young Genetation [More Whistle] (Bob Sinclar _ Peter Bjorn & John)


Meganemash 02 (13 songs /68.5MB)

Change The One Love (The Stone Roses / Eric Clapton)
Chippin Foolish (Silicon Teens _ Ashanti) [Re Edit]
Cloud Cruisin (Frazier Chorus _ Can7)
Crazy Little Beautiful Girl (Sean Kingston _ Queen)
Cruel Face (The Soup Dragons _ Ace Of Base)
Dig Dug Still On It (Ashanti _ Dig Dug)
Digging Your Seven Days (The Blow Monkeys _ Craig David)
Driving To Heaven (Heaven 17 _ Everything But The Girl)
Fear Fear Fear Song (The Flaming Lips _ Ian Brown)
Feels So Human (Human League _ Chuck Mangione)
For Once Real (Jennifer Lopez _ Stevie Wonder)
Freakaway (Tracy Ullman _ Rick James)
Girl From Pluto [New Edit] (TLC _ The Thurston Lava Tube)


Meganemash 03 (15 songs /70MB)

Golden Seagulls (Klaxons _ A Flock Of Seagulls)
Happinaway (Shawn Lee _ Devine & Statton)
Have We Met [Long] (Kenny Rankin _ Ann Sally)
Human Janet (Janet Jackson _ Human League)
Hustle On The Wild Side [Re Edit] (Lou Reed _ Van Mccoy)
I Do In The Morning (Razorlight _ Stevie Wonder)
I Dream Of Michael (Michael Jackson _ Hugo Montenegro)
I Want LDN [Re Edit] (Lily Allen _ Jackson 5)
In Between Laws (Beck _ The Cure)
It's Not Suga (Tom Jones _ Baby Bash)
Magik Gaye (Marvin Gaye _ Magik Roundabout)
Make A Wonder With Me (Polecats _ Keane _ 50cent)
Make Your Own Kind Of House Music (Mama Cass Elis _ Byron Stingily)
Me and Lily and Sanchez [Re Edit] (Lily Allen _ Blue Rondo A La Turk)


Meganemash 04 (17 songs / 84.3MB)

Cosmic Humming (Jamiroquai _ Kahimi Karie)
Metti, Una Sera A Pet Shop (Ennio Morricone _ Pet Shop Boys)
More Your Head (Basement Jaxx _ St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review)
Naughty Whistle (Connan And The Mockasins _ Donato Deodato)
New York City Dancing (Scissor Sisters _ Pet Shop Boys)
One Minute Suger [Club Mix] (Archies _ Missy Elliot)
Relax On My Mind (Swing Out Sister _ Mika)
Rhapsody In Trash (The Trash Can Sinatras _ Barry White)
Rock Generator (The Holloways _ Blink 182)
Rock Of The World (Justin Timberlake _ Carpenters)
Rock Ya Annie (Justin Timberlake _ Larrikin Love)
Shame Of Saratoga (Ultramarine _ The Spinners)
Sick Is High (Ne-Yo _ Blondie)
Sinatra Jeans (Jeans Team _ Frank Sinatra)
Smiley Motorcycle (The Pastels _ Lily Allen)
Stumble & Cramp (The Cramps _ Razorlight)
Earth, Wide and Bodine (EW&F _ The Bodines).mp3


Meganemash 05 (17 songs / 82.4MB)

Take Me To The Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz _ Bob James)
Technologic Galaxy Step (Ciara Crown _ Heights Affair _ Daft Punk)
The Gift Of Shipbuilding (Way Out West _ Robert Wyatt)
The Look Of Shakira (ABC _ Shakira)
The Magic Mañana (De La Soul _ Espiritu)
The Perfect Move (New Order _ Young MC)
Thinking Of My Love (The Colour Field _ Justin Timberlake)
This Charming Jackson [Re Edit] (The Smiths _ Jackson 5)
Tighten Healing (Marvin Gaye _ Archie Bell & The Drells) [Re Edit]
Tropical Celebration (Wham! _ Kool & The Gang)
Ultra Boingo (Ultravox _ Oingo Boingo)
W.O.E Is Fe-Cé-La (The Feelies _ Jurassic 5)
Shout To The Mountain (Marvin Gaye _ The Style Council)
We Will Consolation You (Phoenix _ Queen)
Who Tom_ (Suzanne Vega _ KMD)
You Still Believe The Girl From Paramaribo
(The Beach Boys _ The Berry Lipman Orchestra)
Young Feel Better [Long] (Phoenix _ The Bluebells)

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The Soup Dragons / Ace Of Base

The Soup Dragons "Soft As Your Face"
Ace Of Base "Cruel Summer"

Megane "Cruel Face"
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The Pale Fountains / Village People

The Pale Fountains "Love's Beautiful Place"
Village Poeple "Born To Be Alive"


Megane "Born To Fountain"
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Duran Duran / T-Rex

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